Sardinian Sun Homes

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Sardinia - this magnificent & fascinating Italian Island is a jewel set in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  Alghero is the enchanting & ancient city found on the North Western Coast just 8km from the Alghero - Fertilia airport. It is seeped in history & one can still hear Catalan spoken to this day as Alghero was once conquered by the Aragonites in 1353. Within the fortified walls lies the heart of the historic city with its charming narrow cobbled streets, where one can enjoy the old with the new & its thriving activities set in this amazing magical atmosphere.
The outgoing, friendly & hospitable Sardinians, the sunshine & blue skies the spectacular soft, sandy beaches, the imposing Neptune’s Grotto, the prehistoric sites, the Necropolis, Nuraghe & Domus de Janas, the Roman ruins, the abundant fresh fish, the superb local cuisine, the excellent wines & the festive night life & so much, much more await for your delight and pleasure.
All the self-catered holiday apartments we manage are found in Alghero  a short stroll to the seaside.

"Ben Venuts" welcome to Alguer a corner of Paradise on Planet Earth.